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About Amy

Pink Sand

Hey y'all! I'm Amy, Dallas based sustainable fashion expert and reseller helping women source and style recycled fashion. I started learning about recycled fashion when I met my boyfriend who is a Vintage Reseller (@unusualretail). Yes ladies, you heard that right, he came with an entire closet for ME. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the thrill of the hunt, competitive estate sales and weekends at outdoor markets.

​Come along with me on my journey of moving towards a more sustainable wardrobe, get behind the scenes looks into sourcing and styling recycled and vintage fashion, and even get the chance to shop my personal curated pieces. I promise this is going to be some seriously high fashion.

What's the deal with your name? Don't Trip - I'm High and This is Fashion is not meant to promote the use of recreational drugs. The name is a play on the term High Fashion, my love for Hippie Culture/Fashions, and the term Slow Fashion.



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