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Fall Fashion 2021

Hi y'all! It's been a while, huh? Life has been a little crazy lately. Filled with a lot of exciting opportunities, check out my new press page for more details on that. With summer officially coming to a close here in less than a week, I figured it would be a great time to jump back on here and talk Fall Fashion. We'll talk about transitioning your summer wardrobe, what's trending and how to restyle pieces from last year.

Don't put away your summer dresses and bottoms just yet. A simple way to transition your summer wardrobe is to take a summer dress or skirt, throw on a sweater, ditch the sandals and replace with some Doc Martens. Worried about chilly legs when wearing a short skirt or dress?Throw on some knee high boots for some extra warmth.

Let's talk trends. Something I am super excited about is the fact that we are going to be able to wear bright summer colors all year long. Bright colors and florals were all over the runway at NYFW this year. But that's not the only thing... You know that work wardrobe that's been collecting dust in your closet over the past year and a half as you've transitioned to pajamas and leggings for your WFH attire? Well, get ready to dust off those tailored blazers and pants and get ready to rock them this Fall and Winter because tailored workwear looks are in. Not ready to ditch the nostalgia of the 90s and 2000s just yet? Don't worry, it's here to stay. Worried about how you're going to rock some of these looks without freezing your little tush? Ski Chic is a thing this year and I am planning on taking full advantage. I have a vintage ski jump suit that's been collecting dust and you can count on me accessorizing it with white heeled booties and a cute belt.

Now, before you go out and run to the store or fill up your online cart with cheap fast fashion options. Let's take a look at items in our existing wardrobe. The Fashion Trend Gods were really looking out this year because nothing introduced as a trend this Fall/Winter is something you don't already own. Think about it - We just lived through summer where we were wearing bright colors and rocking 90s and Y2K styles. We all have an existing workwear wardrobe we've been holding onto incase the office opens back up. We've already talked about transitioning some summer dresses and bottoms to fall by adding a sweater and a cute boot. And I know I am not the only cold girl, so I know we all have a puffy coat sitting in our coat closet we can make "ski chic".

If you do need to grab something this season, make sure you check out your local secondhand thrift store. You'd be surprised what great things are in there.

Key Trends:

  • Saturated Summer Colors

  • Bold Patterns; Geometric, Psychedelic, Floral

  • Tailored Looks

  • Cropped Tops/Sweaters/Jackets

  • Mini and Midi Skirts

  • 90s & Y2K Inspired Looks

  • Ski Chic

  • Leather

  • Fur

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