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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This Holiday season Robbie and I have pledged to shop sustainable companies and small businesses. Check out my gift guide below.

Does researching sustainable companies and small businesses sound a little tricky? Here's one way to do Holiday Shopping more sustainably.

We all have that one parent or grandparent that never asks you what you want, they just buy everything under the sun and hope something sticks. Most of those gifts end up going to the back of your closet or to the donation center. Sound familiar? Instead, just ask your people what they want and get that and only that. Have someone who's difficult to buy for or finds it difficult to give you an answer? Grab them a nice card and a MasterCard Gift Card or make a donation towards a cause they are passionate about. Keep in mind if someone says they don't want any gifts this year, they may actually mean, don't buy them anything this year.

Worried about shipping delays with the supply chain issues and truck driver shortages?

This is the perfect time to explore the small businesses and artists in and around your community. Hit up local pop-up shops, markets and flea markets. You'd be surprised the amount of talent that is sitting right in your neighborhood. I recently bought the most amazing door mat and candles from local artisans. The candles are going to make great gifts this year. Best of all, I didn't have to pay or wait on the items to ship.

Where do I find Small Businesses?

Just looking at my Facebook newsfeed I can identify at least 10 people I grew up with or went to college with who have launched their own business regardless if its their full-time gig or their side hustle. Small businesses are in your circle.

Pop-up shops and flea markets.

Want to order online? Check out Instagram and Etsy.

Antique Malls and Estate Sales.

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide:

For the one who's always hosting the best parties:

  • Vintage Barware/Glassware

  • Vintage Coasters

  • Vintage Napkins

  • Vintage Cocktail Books

  • Vintage Kitchen Towels

  • Vintage Cook Book

For the one with the best fashion:

  • Vintage Scarf

  • Vintage Jewelry

  • Vintage Fashion Coffee Table Book

For the one who loves a piece of history:

  • Framed Vintage Newspaper/Magazine clipping from a historic event

  • Vintage Coffee Table Books on a topic they enjoy

For the one who loves music:

  • Records

  • Vintage Band Tee

For the one who loves sports:

  • Vintage Sports Tee

  • Vintage Sports Jacket

  • Vintage Sports Hat

We were all locked in the house for over a year due to the pandemic. If you are worried about sizing issues or find yourself in a time crunch to hunt for that perfect item, the next best thing you can do is buy someone an experience or activity. Think date night, massage, pedicure/manicure. All of these activities are something any of us would love after a stressful year.

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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