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Vintage Reselling 101

Shopping vintage is #trending with the push of the Slow Fashion Movement. Maybe you too are contemplating it as a side hustle, or maybe you're just curious what the heck you're paying for when you buy vintage. I have the inside scoop to the ins and outs of the business and I'm here to share.

Why are some items so expensive if you find them for super cheap?

I have received this question in my inbox and I see it in the comments on other resellers pages, a lot. I want to be clear when I say, shopping vintage is an investment. Here's why:

Vintage Resellers spend at minimum 30hrs, sometimes up to 50hrs a week sourcing product to place in their stores. Personally, my favorite part of vintage reselling is hunting for the product, so this doesn't bother me. In those 30-50hrs we are scrounging Thrift Stores, Estate Sales, Garage Sales and networking. We have to spend that much time because the market is competitive! When I say we are going to an Estate Sale, I don't mean we are waking up at 10AM, eating a great breakfast and casually showing up to browse. The market is so competitive we plan out which Estate Sales we are going to a week in advance, do our best to research the hell out of the sale so we can figure out where the address is prior to the sale happening (they don't post the address until 6AM the day of the sale) and we are waking up at 4AM to sit outside a house in the dark with coffee in hand until the sale starts at 9AM, just so we can be first in line! When the address gets posted at 6AM the competition is rushing down the street, parking their car and running to get in line. And once the doors open at 9AM we are all running to grab whatever we can. Not every item we purchase is in mint condition. Once we have spent our 30-50hrs a week sourcing product, now we have to remove stains, wash, sanitize, re-sew ripped seams and replace buttons. Now that our items are in good enough condition for the customer we now need to steam or iron the product and get it photo ready. We invest in mannequins, back drops, tripods, lighting, etc so we can get decent pictures to place on our social media and websites. We research every single product to see what it is selling for and price accordingly. Now that we have the product listed, it's the weekend and it's time to head to market to network and sell our products to customers who are not familiar with our store. We host pop-up shops every weekend both Saturday and Sunday, outdoors rain or shine from morning to evening. When it's all said and done we have probably spent 80hrs that week working, and we do not get paid for any of that labor until someone purchases the product. A Vintage Reseller is so much more than a Reseller; we are buyers, dry-cleaners, seamstresses, researchers, photographers, marketers and store owners. We wear many hats and we love every single one of the hats we wear.

Most importantly, the garments you are buying are durable and timeless. They have lasted 60+ years and will continue to last you many more. They are often one of a kind pieces that allow you to participate in this seasons trends as fashion trends run on a cycle. And you support a local business with each and every purchase, like, comment and share. We really do love what we do and appreciate you.

Did this article help you better understand what you're paying for when buying vintage? Leave a comment below and remember to Subscribe for more High Fashion.



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