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What To Do In Amarillo, Tx

Okay I know what you may be thinking 'you went on a vacation to Amarillo, TX?' Yep! And I have the scoop on why you may want to go there next.

We (My boyfriend and I) left Dallas around noon, which was going to put us there around 5PM. But if you know anything about thrifters or resellers this really means 8PM because we are going to stop at every garage sale, estate sale and thrift store in and around the direction we are heading. We found some great items including a Vintage Camel Hair Pea Coat for $4 at the local Salvation Army in Wichita Falls. Some of you may be reading this and going, 'your boyfriend really puts up with all of that?' If you're new here, Robbie is actually the OG Vintage Reseller (@unusualretail) who has been doing this for about 4years and took me under his wing to teach me the ins and outs (thank you for letting me ride your coat tail, babe xx). So it's safe to say with me being a fashion merchandising major and him owning a shop, we have some fun and our closets are even more fun.

Blue Sky Texas

40201 I-40 W Amarillo, TX

Now what I am about to tell you is honestly the most important piece of information you should take from this entire blog post... GO EAT AT BLUE SKY TEXAS off of I-40. You will not be disappointed. Robbie and I were coming back from a trip to Colorado Springs back in January and we stopped to eat here and we literally have not stopped talking about the burger for almost 6 months now and we actually planned our entire trip around eating this burger... Yes we are that serious about it.

Palo Duro Canyon

For an all day adventure I highly recommend you go to Palo Duro Canyon, it is BEAUTIFUL. Robbie and I brought some of the store items out there and took pictures of them and it was the most perfect backdrop. We were able to drive the entire canyon and get out where we wanted and walk around. I would recommend making a reservation online before getting there. I would also check out the options to zip line the canyon and ride horses through the canyon. These are two things we saw that we said we would totally go back and do had we not been working a little while on vacation.

Cadillac Ranch

Okay I'm going to give you the ultimate hack for this vacation, go to Cadillac Ranch EARLY in the morning. We got there a little before 8AM and had the entire place to ourselves. We made the mistake of trying to go the night before around 7PM and the place was PACKED, I mean a line of people waiting to just park. Because we were shooting content for the store again, we really needed there to be minimal people in our background. It was a much more intimate experience getting there early in the morning, we really got to soak it all in and feel that morning breeze (okay it was a little windier than we hoped).


One of the best things about Amarillo was there were so many really cool Airbnbs to choose from for whatever kind of aesthetic you want and they are all CHEAP. Our place was great and close to everything (Located in the beautiful Historic District of the Oliver Eackle and Plemmons neighborhoods). We were seriously like 15min from everything we planned to do and super close to downtown where you can drive down the Historic Route 66.

Thrifting/Antique Shops

We did a lot of thrifting as you can imagine, but my favorite spot was actually a small place on the side of the highway in a random town. We stopped there on our way home and we were so pleased with the place, we plan on going back again in a few months! I would give the location, but I have my eyes set on a fabulous Mid Century Modern chair so I am not ready to show you all my cards. At this store we left with a fabulous autographed Jean Harlow print perfect for our Art Deco themed office, a Vintage 90s Salvatore Ferragamo patent leather crossbody bag(with tags attached), a Vintage metal tray to go with our new living room, and a Vintage Tie for Robbie. Talk about a good haul.

I hope I helped give you some ideas for your next road trip. Where should we go next? Comment below.



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